Company Holiday Parties

SteakHouse63 is thrilled to assist you in creating a great holiday party for you and your employees. Steakhouse63 has the perfect room and atmosphere for a fun, relaxing and enjoyable holiday party. We strive for excellence and perfection, to honour you and your guests with a fun, celebratory night. We can provide referrals for the decorations, the food, entertainment etc. No detail is too small. We are thorough and pay attention to the details that make a great party seem effortless.

We strive for excellence and work hard to continually improve our service through continuous evaluation of our quality and capabilities. We want to supersede your expectations and our goal is to ensure that your holiday party will be truly exceptional!
We have many different private dining rooms you can reserve, including:

Private Dining Rooms
Lawrence Room 8 – 12 guests
Irwin Room 12 – 22 guests
McLaughlin Room 10 – 20 guests
Red Feather Room up to 30 guests
McLaughlin & Red Feather Rooms 60 guests
Pub (Rustic & Casual)
Alton Room 12 – 15 guests
Cataract Room 8 – 12 guests

Our second storey (up one flight of stairs) at Steakhouse63 can accommodate 20 to 60 guests for a small or medium-sized company party. The second floor is a private room and is perfect for small events. There is plenty of space for entertaining with great décor and conveniently located washrooms. There is also the option of using the whole restaurant for a house-style cocktail party of up to 147 guests, where we accommodate by removing some of the sit-down tables and chairs and replace them with cruiser-style tables. Our Cocktail Party Menu is perfect for this type of party with food stations located on each floor, and consider the option of having an ice sculpture with martini bar service – perfect for creating a holiday treat. If you opt for sit-down dining, our menu provides a choice of canapés, appetisers, entrées and desserts. Our kitchen and service staff is more than happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and any special requests you may have. The options will suit everyone’s taste at a great price, as SteakHouse63 has made a conscious decision to define great value. SteakHouse63 can also provide referrals for live music. Let SteakHouse63 handle all the details.