Celebrations of Life

SteakHouse63 would love to assist you in celebrating the life of your loved one, we have the perfect room and atmosphere. We strive for excellence and perfection, to honour you and your guests with a great celebration. We are ready to help with all you need, no detail is too small. We are thorough and pay attention to the details that make a get together seem effortless.

Our second storey (up one flight of stairs) at Steakhouse63 can accommodate 20 to 60 guests for an intimate “Come and Go” style-event with great finger foods. There is plenty of space for entertaining with great décor and conveniently located washrooms. It’s the perfect private venue for a celebration of life. Our kitchen and service staff is more than happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or special request you may have. SteakHouse63 can handle all with the details.

We strive for excellence and work hard to continually improve our service through continuous evaluation of our quality and capabilities. We want to supersede your expectations and our goal is to ensure that your event will be truly exceptional!