Steakhouse 63 - Private Dining

Privaty Party Enquiry

SteakHouse63 would love to help you host your next event. Whether an intimate occasion or an elaborate affair, a first date, an anniversary, a night out with new acquaintances or a reunion with old friends, a business meeting or a presentation, our restaurant can meet all your needs. We have years of experience in providing exceptional food, excellent prices and brilliant service for a full spectrum of events.

Our venue is perfect for small weddings, rehearsal dinners, company holiday parties, business meetings, celebrations of life, anniversaries, birthdays and more. We ensure that any event will be truly exceptional! We have a number of private party dining rooms available to reserve including:

  • Private Dining Rooms
  • Lawrence Room 8 – 12 guests
  • Irwin Room 12 – 22 guests
  • McLaughlin Room 10 – 20 guests
  • Red Feather Room up to 30 guests
  • McLaughlin & Red Feather Rooms 60 guests
  • Pub (Rustic & Casual)
  • Alton Room 12 – 15 guests
  • Cataract Room 8 – 12 guests


Book the whole restaurant for a house style cocktail party for up to 147 guests
There are primarily two ways to entertain. First option includes a sit down dinner service, where a full course meal and wine service would be enjoyed. The second is a cocktail party, which is a popular choice for a busy host. It is a convenient and easy way to entertain guests whether your get-together includes friends, family or business associates. Cocktail parties are a great way to mix and mingle while guests enjoy a wide variety of food. Your service choice could include canapés, platters, food stations and sweets.
Here are a few things to consider when planning your event:
1. How many guests will be attending?
2. Is this a casual get-together for friends and family or a formal business event?
3. Will there be full beverage or limited beverage service?
4. Will there be a theme for the event?
There has been a tremendous resurgence of requests for the cocktail-style events, and this type of get-together is definitely great for busy people. After all, who has time to visit friends and family individually? Having a meet and greet with intimate groups of a dozen, or larger groups of 40 to 60 family and friends is an uncomplicated way to celebrate special occasions without the fuss of setup, service or the dreaded clean up.
Think about your invitations. If you send them out by voice mail, e-mail or phone message, chances are you are having an informal affair. Sending out formal invitations by mail may be considered a dressier affair.
When planning a get-together for friends, family or business associates, a common question we have been asked by hosts is, what is the best time?
An afternoon affair or weekend cocktail party may be considered less formal. An event scheduled in the evening with a sit down dinner would likely be considered more formal.
As part of your planning strategy, if you are honouring any special guests or there are guests on the list you particularly want to be there, ensure the date is convenient for them by phoning and discussing ahead of preparing the invitations.